Consulting Services

Consulting. We have two methods of providing this service – group and individual. Group sessions are called “BusinessCamps.”

BusinessCamps may be conducted in various areas worldwide at participating facilities. Clients may schedule their participation in available areas by clicking BusinessCamps. Individual sessions may be scheduled by clicking Consultations.

Product Management

This may be an existing product that needs a copyright, registered trademark, patent, and assistance with introducing the product for sale. Clients may need assistance with website development and content. Clients may want MPLLC to market their product on the MPLLC website. Each product would have its own product numbers to identify when a product is sold.

For Profit Management

Project Management is for “for-profit” business clients. This includes clients that need assistance managing a project such as a construction project for which they will bid and if they secure the bid, they want help with the paperwork, etc. Clients may need periodic and/or on-going administrative support and/or management support services.

Non-Profit Management

Non-Profit Management. This service is for new or existing non-profit organizations. We always say, “A non-profit organization?” – Is more than a notion, requires time and effort. Existing organizations may require assistance with developing and implementing programs.  Set up an appointment for a consultation. Look for a specific Non-Profit Camp shortly.

Property Management

This may be a farmer with land and want to hire a company to manage the farm to produce agricultural products. This may be a property owner that wants to hire a company to maintain the property and collect rent/lease from Lessees.

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